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Thread: KDE screensaver gone MAD!

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    yorkeetech82 NNTP User

    Unhappy KDE screensaver gone MAD!

    Hi there.
    In the days I installed Opensuse 11.1, and that is the best thing, what i did to my laptop (MSI) in the last month.
    The install was fine, hardware's all detected, etc..
    And then, I (shame on me!) turned on the screensaver function, with the slideshow-saver.
    And now, I log in to my desktop (kde 4.1.3), and sometimes the screensaver randomly starts, even if the mouse is moving.. I don't know why, because after the first few cases, i turned it off, and unchecked the password-verification thing too.
    What can i do now?
    Help me please, i'm really new to opensuse, but i find it really nice, so it would be a real pain, if i cannot solve this real bothering problem.

    ps: sorry for my weak english, probably the description of the problem is still understandable.

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    Default Re: KDE screensaver gone MAD!

    Try updating your KDE to KDE4.2.
    You may do a 1-click install from here:
    openSUSE 12.3 (x86_64) with Kernel 3.7.10-1.16-desktop and KDE 4.11.2 on MacBook Pro
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    yorkeetech82 NNTP User

    Default Re: KDE screensaver gone MAD!

    Hi there.
    Thanks for your reply, but this link is not working for me.
    It opens yast, and then writes about some repositories i have to add, i click okay, then after a few minutes it drops a window, and says, some packages cannot be installed, and lists about 5-6 packages.
    I clicked cancel then to all upgrades, because i was afraid, going on with the update would mess up my system...
    But i solved the annoying problem, i only had to set the "after x minutes of idle" listbox to "do nothing" value in the power management menu.
    now screensaver is working properly.

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    Default Re: KDE screensaver gone MAD!

    If you don't want to upgrade you may need to remove those repo's you just added.
    Check what you have with this from a terminal:

    zypper lr --details
    Leap 15.1_KDE
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