Sometimes during the shutdown process of my openSUSE 11.0 gnome, the shutdown process freezes at this stage:
Turning off swap files done

Unmounting filesystems done
none unmounted
/dev/sdb3 unmounted
/dev/sdb2 unmounted
This happens about once in 5-6 shutdowns. Previously it was less frequent. The system then freezes. Alt+F4 gives me a login option (i guess in a basic shell) but nothing works. And so i have to press the reset button. Also sometimes during the boot process, i get a message like:
Unable to set up inter-communications manager for kde
(i also have kde-3.5 installed).
But these two errors do not generally go hand-in-hand.

HDD #2 has 3 partitions and the OS is in HDD #1.

What is the solution to this problem?

A couple of days back i had posted this problem in the install/boot/login section but did not get any reply. So i am hoping that this is the correct section.