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Thread: rip dvd's - kcopy?

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    Default rip dvd's - kcopy?

    I am trying to find instructions on ripping movie dvd's I take with me when traveling so I don't keep wrecking my stored bought copies.

    I have tried and it isn't working from the info I found via google. I got a reply a while back that k3copy or kcopy (sorry it's late), will do it, I just haven't got it to run for me.
    I know they are encrypted but that is supposed to pull it off for backup copies I believe?

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    Default Re: rip dvd's - kcopy?

    if you want to use something through command line, you can try out my scripts which are pretty easy to use. You can get xvidenc, divxenc and h264enc (and other goodies) from my repo, link in my signature

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