Hello, I've recently installed openSUSE 11.1 and have found myself in a bit of a frustrating bind. Every time I go to install updates and packages (whether in yast2 or zypper) I find that I have to babysit the process and be ready to click ok then retry in yast or hit r (for retry) in zypper.

An example of the 2 issues I'm having are as follows:
Timeout exceed                                                                            

Abort, retry, ignore?

autoselect retry after 20 r
Retrieving: liboil-devel-0.3.15-1.35.x86_64.rpm [error (13 B/s)]
Download (curl) error for 'http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.1/repo/oss/suse/x86_64/libusbpp-0_1-4-0.1.12-136.11.x86_64.rpm':                                            
Error code: Connection failed                                                             
Error message: Couldn't resolve host 'mirror.in.th'                                       

Abort, retry, ignore? [A/r/i]: r
Now, the first example isn't a big issue since it auto retries after 30 seconds, but the second one is a huge hassle because I have to be there to manually continue the download process (which btw just selects a different mirror).

The above of course being in zypper, ALL timeouts in Yast2 require manual input.

I'm fine with using zypper, I'm more keen to using a terminal for installing packages/updates anyway, but is there a way I can get either Yast2 or zypper (or both) to auto retry on all timeouts?

Whether it be a broken connection during download (which btw, my internet connection itself isn't intermittent, but the pipe from me to server could be causing the problem(s)), or a timeout because the mirror it wants to use is no good.

So far this issue is likely going to be the thing that ends up making me go back to using ubuntu (or some other flavor since ubuntu never really grew on me). I'm really liking openSUSE (ok, except for maybe the menu system for now until I personalize it, and being torn between kde or gnome ) but I really can't see myself babysitting GBs of downloads just to click (or type) to retry

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.