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Thread: Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

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    Default Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

    Hi Folks,

    Help would be appreciated.. greatly. I'm running 10.3 and I'm installing a solution that requires apache2-mod_auth_mysql. I can't seem to find the rpm on any of the online repositories.

    Has the need for this module been deprecated due to new releases of MySQL and or Apache2 ?

    I did find a source, but running into issues with the compile..

    Any help or point me in the right direction..

    Please ?


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    Default Re: Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

    Yeah I think it isn't supported for recent versions of Apache. At one location where I needed to authenticate against a MySQL table I used mod_authnz_external (search for it) and wrote a little Perl script to query the table. Somewhat inefficient but this path doesn't get called often at this site.

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    Default Re: Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

    Thanks ken,

    I'll move on and see if it's actually needed. If I do end up needing it, the source is available, and I can compile it.

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    Default Re: Help please need: apache2-mod_auth_mysql

    My dear

    see Index of /repositories/Apache:/Modules/Apache_openSUSE_10.3/i586


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