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    Is there a way to make a recovery cd or dvd, with your very basic install on? For example, just the basic sound, video, flash, printer and all other setups, so you wont have to do all of this installing and configuring should you have to re-install due to a major error?

    Or any other suggestions?


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    You might want out check out here:
    YaST/Modules/System Backup - openSUSE
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    Your personal settings are stored as hidden files in /home; so a simple backup of /home should suffice unless you have edited specific files elsewhere, in which case, save copies to /home and back them all up.

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    Sagemta i don't recommend using YaST backup if someone has additional repositories. I once backed up with it and when recovered no applications from "outer" repos were listed as installed yet they were there. I recommend installing system on an LVM, create snapshots, make backup of that snapshot. Then recover the system with any live CD.
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