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    Nobbie question

    When I insert a DVD movie in the DVD player I get an error saying that a plugin is required.
    It does not say which plugin is required.
    It appears that Totem has all the plugin installed which are on the Suse 11 Distro DVD.

    I'm running Suse 11



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    Afaik you need the libdvdcss from the multimedia howto, as xine doesn't support it natively(certainly not with the crippled suse xine either).

    iirc vlc will use the same lib but mplayer has it natively supported. You need to add the packman repo and change the Suse libxine read the howto..

    Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums
    Man first, have a try at Info, have a look at Wiki, if all that fails Scroogle!!!!!
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    Thanks dude

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    somebody_else NNTP User

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    > When I insert a DVD movie in the DVD player I get an error saying that
    > a plugin is required.

    a lot of basic questions are answered in the comprehensive 12 part
    thread that begins at

    THIS question is covered in part 5, see "A guide on installing
    restricted formats (ie mp3, video codecs, etc ...)
    Restricted Formats - openSUSE-Community"

    but don't just look there...because part six is packed full with great, one are sure to want to read is:

    "Basic openSUSE concepts: for the Windows users migrating to openSUSE"

    welcome to freedom..


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    I have a great advice for people struggling with that perenial Linux issue, IE the inability to play DVD's. It is very easy and requires just a few key strokes and involves GRUB, basically what you do is re-boot your machine wait for it to POST, and then when GRUB is displayed choose Windows, then choose one of several media players available, like say Windows Media Player, put the kettle on put your feet up insert your DVD, stop farting around pulling your hair out trying to get Linux to play DVD's, or any other media files types for that matter and relax. Ha Ha Ha I jest guys honestly I do please don't stone me, but seriously if you want to play media files on Linux try VLC, worked for me on open suse 11.1, and Ubuntu perky cantaloupe or whatever they are called, anyhoo what'dya expect for free? In fact I have just got xine working also, I am watching Horrid Henry as I speak, don't be so horrid henry.

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