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Thread: Eagle CAD installation

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    Default Eagle CAD installation

    Nobbie question here

    I'm trying to install Eagle CAD
    CadSoft Online: Download

    The linux file is a .run file but how do I run this.
    Clicking it brings it up in an Editor.

    First part of the file looks like a script, with rest looks like a tar.bz2 file

    Running Suse 11


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    Default Re: Eagle CAD installation

    > The linux file is a .run file but how do I run this.
    > Clicking it brings it up in an Editor.

    the web site says: "Linux users please download the file
    and run it. This self-extracting shell script will guide you through
    the setup process."

    ok, so in Redmond products you just click to "run", right...

    But, how to install a run file in linux?
    here are 2,510,000 answers:


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    Default Re: Eagle CAD installation

    Right-click on the link and select Save link as.... to download.

    To install type:


    It's the same format that Nvidia uses for their driver packaging.
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    Default Re: Eagle CAD installation

    I also use eagle for many years. So, after you download the executable file use chmod to mark the executable bit:
    chmod u+x ./
    I always install eagle as superuser, so before running you may want to su for installing it in a directory such as /opt/eagle-5.6.0
    To execute the file in your bash shell just type
    . This will bring up the installation dialog. Follow the instructions and eagle will be installed in your system.
    If you try to execute (as the normal user of course!!!) the eagle binary in the installation bin directory (/opt/eagle-5.6.0/bin in my example) then it will complain that it cannot read the file eagle.key. To solve this you must (under su) move into the directory /opt/eagle-5.6.0/bin and
    chmod a+w freeware.key
    and then
    cp freeware.key eagle.key
    After that when running eagle for the first time just select the freeware.key file and everything will go fine. After the first run you may want to restore the access rights of the key files so as su issue the command
    chmod ug-w *.key
    Happy designing pal!

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    Talking Re: Eagle CAD installation


    Thanks for that.

    I got the Pro (Win) at work and when I open up files created at work in the free version at home (Linux), I can edit without any limits.

    So easy to install in Linux, I just can"t understand why everybody doesn't use Linux, NOT.

    Learning curve traction lost easily, need knobbly tires !

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