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Thread: display size in VirtualBox

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    Default display size in VirtualBox

    I'm running OpenSolaris on VirtualBox which is running on SUSE 11.1 - the question is how to enlarge the OpenSolaris window to the full size of my 22' monitor.

    I've spent time looking in the forums but don't have a good idea of where to start.

    Is it a VirtualBox issue or a OpenSolaris issue ?

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    Default Re: display size in VirtualBox

    This is tricky. I find some OS's will work others will not. Windows installs always seem to do Maximize or Seamless windows. Also works with Ubuntu, Mandriva, PCLOS.

    You have to edit xorg.conf in Linux
    'Remove all Modes lines to the Screen section
    And remove any Preferred Mode lines to the Monitor section'.

    In solaris I have no idea
    xorg.conf in Linux is : /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    But obviously you need the VBox additions installed.
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    Default Re: display size in VirtualBox

    Quote Originally Posted by stansaraczewski View Post
    Is it a VirtualBox issue or a OpenSolaris issue ?
    First, it is a VirtualBox issue. A guest OS can run in fullscreen mode in a VM only if VirtualBox provides the drivers, which are called "guest additions". There used to be a detailled list of all OS with and without guest additions on VirtualBox website ... but I cannot find it anymore (Maybe Oracle which owns now Sun and VirtualBox removed it ). All Windows and most Linux (not all) have guest additions. Some Linux distros (Mandriva) even come with guest additions already installed, so they work "out of the box" in fullscreen as guest. I don't know if guest additions are available for Solaris.

    Then, provided you installed these guest additions (if they exist), it becomes a Solaris issue, and you have to set the screen resolution for Solaris. On older Solaris, you had to do that at bootime. Hopefully it's easier nowadays on open Solaris.

    BTW I really like VirtualBox. It is an excellent program. But I'm rather pessismist about VirtualBox future. (Oracle ? )

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