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Thread: issues with pytube

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    Default issues with pytube

    i decided to use pytube as a way to avoid the rebuffering needs of youtube, which can be very annoying when you have little bandwidth to work with. it worked fine until i updated suse to 11.0 but now no matter what i try it will not save a single video(from youtube or any other supported source)

    attempted running the base script through CLI(which also worked previously) and no matter what source i try or what video i try it returns an output HTML Error 404. i know the error code and know what it means but this is the only thing that returns the error, i can still access the videos without a problem through all other means so i know its a soft 404 but i have run out of work arounds to try short of searching the youtube-dl script itself for a way to force or reroute the attempt.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: issues with pytube

    I gave up on pytube. It seems to be dead. The owner's site has been down for almost a year. I've switched to Mobile Media Converter.

    Mobile Media Converter
    Klaatu Barada Nikto

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