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Thread: Repository access problem OpenSuse 10.3

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    Question Repository access problem OpenSuse 10.3

    Dear all,

    Since a few days (actually almost 2 weeks) I am having trouble to update my distribution. I always get the error "Couldn"t connect to host"

    Here an example when trying to update the OSS repository
    Unable to create repository from URL ''
    Error trying to read from ``
    - Curl error for ''.
    Error Code:
    Error messgae: Couldn't connect to host
    However using my browser it is no problem at all to access the repository. Neither it is a problem for a mirror site. Any idea what could be broken here?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Repository access problem OpenSuse 10.3

    Have you tried deleting them. The replacing them?
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    Default Re: Repository access problem OpenSuse 10.3

    have you an proxy or go you direct to the net?
    block your firewall?
    can you run :


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    manotitas NNTP User

    Smile Re: Repository access problem OpenSuse 10.3

    Thanks for your response. I had tried everything - thought about the proxy and FW as well. Yet it was looks like a corrupted entry in the var/lib/zypp/db/patches directory. After renaming the directory (recommendation found through google-ing) and recreating the directory (well and a reboot) everything works now again like a charm.

    Thanks again to all responding to my posting.


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