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    Dear All,

    Can any one share how is the NCLP(SUSE) certification exam taken. how many Q's and what kind things are difficult and must be learnt before taking the exam.
    Best Regards,
    Ghulam Yaseen

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    caf4926 wrote:
    > 'Certifications' (

    There is a CLP forum.

    The test is 2 1/2 hours. You control 2 SLES servers in a VM enviroment.
    You have to complete 4 tasks. About all I can say. I will be trying my
    second try in a couple weeks.

    - Mr. Beer

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    Sorry to hijack this thread but anyone know of any leisure Linux courses you can do? I know it depends on what's being taught in schools here but I am having no luck finding anything about Linux that is not a full blown administrator course which costs a fortune!

    The NCLP course is 2400 including 1 exam fee in one of the colleges here. I don't have that kind of money nor can I afford to change carreers at the moment.
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    Dexter1979 wrote:
    > Sorry to hijack this thread but anyone know of any leisure Linux courses
    > you can do?

    self study is always is one place to start:

    Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

    Whereas books shelved beside this one will get your feet wet, this one
    lets you actually paddle for a bit, then thrusts your head underwater
    while feeding you oxygen.

    This book covers GNU/LINUX system administration, for popular
    distributions like RedHat and Debian, as a tutorial for new users and
    a reference for advanced administrators. It aims to give concise,
    thorough explanations and practical examples of each aspect of a UNIX
    system. Anyone who wants a comprehensive text on (what is commercially
    called) ``LINUX'' need look no further--there is little that is not
    covered here.

    The ordering of the chapters is carefully designed to allow you to
    read in sequence without missing anything. You should hence read from
    beginning to end, in order that later chapters do not reference unseen
    material. I have also packed in useful examples which you must
    practice as you read.


    and there are plenty other on the net, like:

    dive in, the water is fine.....and FREE!


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