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Thread: R and its online manual

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    Default R and its online manual

    I have an issue with the R statistical program (downloaded from the opensuse science repositories). It does not seem to be able to invoke a browser when needed (for example when you type help.start()).

    I tried to google for some solutions or to find info on a setting file or something to define a browser. Unfortunately I did not find anything (and one command in R is "browser" which complicates things).

    I would be grateful for feedback/help on this one


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    Default Re: R and its online manual

    I tried to replicate the problem you posted and couldn't do it, in either the linux version of R and using the Windows version with Wine. In both cases it opened a browser window.

    I compiled/installed these versions of R directly from the CRAN webpage, maybe you should uninstall the version that you have and try downloading from CRAN directly.

    Good luck,
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