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Thread: Crossover and Altbinz

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    Unhappy Crossover and Altbinz

    I'm VERY new to linux, after putting up with window's **** i finally decided to switch to linux and from reading on the internet i found that openSUSE to be the most user friendly and helpful community.

    I was able to install CrossOver and then proceeded to install Altbinz with it. I "think" i was able to install Altbinz, it shows up on my desktop folder however, when i try to launch it it just hangs.. nothing opens up. The wine glass goes up and down as if its going to launch the program but it doesn't and in about 10 -15 secs it goes away. No window opens. What am i doing wrong? do i need to install anything else to get this to work? I've tried looking everywhere on the internet and the forums here but no luck. If anyone is able to help.. pls help.


    OpenSUSE 11.1
    KDE 4.2
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+
    Total memory (RAM): 3.7 GB
    Free memory: 2.9 GB (+ 456.8 MB Caches)
    Free swap: 2.0 GB
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