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Thread: Running MS programs under Suse

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    Default Running MS programs under Suse

    This is my first Linux install. Its on a new machine with no MS Windows.

    I have a few MS programs that I need to run for my business and what is the "best" strategy for running XP programs.
    3 CAD programs and a compiler for PLCs.

    Its a bit of a learning curve, but the install went really well and I like the platform

    Thanks for any comment

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    You can use wine (free) or CrossOver (commercial).
    The last one has most of the chances to get it to work in an easy way, wine does it the difficult way.

    Check google for the use of both of them. But keep in mind, very complex tools that rely on the hardware or the operating system (windows in this case) will often fail to run fluently and without issues.

    I can only advice you to use virtualbox or vmware to run windows in a virtual pc to run those programs.

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    hi, im an noob too when it comes to linux

    but so far, Ive tested quite some apps and games also using wine. It does the trick fine.

    You have to install the software using wine, just go to WineHQ - Run Windows applications on Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X and select opensuse instsaller... once installed u open your programs by just right clicking the install or setup.exe file and select execute via wine, once the setup is complete you should have your program icons on desktop ready to launch, or from a shell, type wine applicationsetup.exe

    You can also launch the program exe directly without installing if you have it previously installed on your hard drive but not all programs work if you do it this way. They require to be installed for registry stuff..

    Anything you install on wine its copied to on your /home/user/.wine/ folder

    if your program is DOS based, you can try DOSBOx instead.

    theres also, cedega but its not free

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    Right, I got Wine installed on the PC.
    Actually it looks like Suse already has it installed as it says it is already installed.
    However, I cannot find any icons or reference to Wine anywhere ?

    I have a XP .exe file which is a selfextracting file.
    It will not run when I click on it, on the desktop

    This file installs fine in XP

    The following output is displayed:

    End-of-central-directory signature not found. Either this file is not a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive. In the latter case the central directory and zipfile comment will be found on the last disk(s) of this archive.
    note: /home/Kim/Desktop/sp7184z.exe may be a plain executable, not an archive
    zipinfo: cannot find zipfile directory in one of /home/Kim/Desktop/sp7184z.exe or
    /home/Kim/Desktop/, and cannot find /home/Kim/Desktop/sp7184z.exe.ZIP, period.

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    wine /path/to/your/great/XP/application/your_great_XP_application.exe

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    How do I get to the command line ?


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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    Statistically speaking, 9 of 10 housewifes open a terminal for that purpose (search in your applications menu).

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    got it.
    bit of a terminology learning curve


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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

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    Default Re: Running MS programs under Suse

    > 3 CAD programs and a compiler for PLCs.

    1. WINE may be the way to go for some or all of those programs..


    2. MS-Windows in a VM might be the way to go for some..


    3. native linux programs which do the same job might be best..
    (i GUESS this is THE answer for your PLC compiler needs]


    4.if you are STUCK with using a particular MS-compatible program, you
    might be STUCK with using MS (see how that works, you might think
    'they' planned it that way, huh?)

    there are experts here on WINE and VM (i'm neither because i am
    UNstuck and run no MS at all) but, here are some places you can look
    at to see which mix of 1 through 4 above is for you:"autocad+for+linux""autodesk+for+linux"

    good luck, and fill up with patience before proceeding!


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