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Thread: Running MS programs under Suse

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    Wine can be tricky. As a Windows convert, you'd probably be better off installing your favourite Microsoft flavour in a virtual machine (Virtualbox or VMserver), and then you can run whatever you want from within Linux. I have an XP VM running all the time as I still can't do without Word and Outlook and Photoshop for some purposes (if only to access old data). You can share folders (entire drives if you want) and copy and paste between Windows and Linux.

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    i just installed opensuse as well

    and when i right click on an exe file, i have this option to execute via wine.

    dont know if you have it, if you don't you should uninstall wine then install back.

    though im using gnome window manager, i don't know if it is/should be the same if you use kde or any other....

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    After you install Wine, don't forget to run in the terminal this command, to configure Wine:
    PHP Code:
    And FWIW, Wine installs in your "Home" directory, but the folder is hidden, so you'll have to go to "View" and "Show Hidden Files" if you want to see the fake Windows installation Wine creates in there.

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