Hi everyone,
I have got OpenSUSE 11.1 on my gateway m-6874h laptop. I am using the latest kTorrent version 3.2.1 with UPnP enabled, so that my Netgear WGR614 v3 router can open the ports automatically. Anyways, most of the times when I launch kTorrent, it doesn't show any UPnP connections in the UPnP tab. To fix that, and, therefore, open the ports, I have to shutdown the firewall and start it over again, even though I already typed my TCP and UDP tracker ports in the Allowed Services under "Advanced" settings of the firewall
Have anyone faced a similar problem and knows a solution to it? Cuz it is reaaaaaally annoying
P.S. even though my 6881 TCP port appears to be open after following the procedure described above, my UDP tracker port 4444 doesn't. Btw, I am using uTorrent port checker to check it.