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Thread: 11.1/4.2 Locking up - fixed (I Hope)

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    Default 11.1/4.2 Locking up - fixed (I Hope)

    This is more of a solution than a question. I have been having numerous lockups of the system, where everything freezes except the mouse pointer which I could move but not actually do anything with, regardless of what software was running, requiring an unplug to restart. There are threads in relation to lockups but they seem to entail Samba or servers, neither of which I am running. One thread referenced the PAE kernel, which was what was installed as default on my Thinkpad for a clean install. I have changed the kernel to the 'default', ie non PAE and so far I have fixed this problem.

    Laptop has been running for 1/2 a hour with various browsings happening with no lockups. Also Firefox, now is much, much quicker, with almost instant page loading whereas before it could take a a minute with two of three tabs loading at once, then the system would freeze.

    1/2 a hour may not seem a fair test, but this morning I was getting lockups literally every 3-4 minutes, sometimes i would reboot, and it would lock before I could actually do anything. Sometimes, I swear, sneezing or praying for no lockups actually caused it to freeze.

    Therefore, from my small perspective having (please, please, please) fixed the problem it is my conclusion that the PAE kernel is evil, and has psychic powers which it uses to really stuff up your day.
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