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Thread: Partition scheme for Suse 11 and Moodle

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    Default Partition scheme for Suse 11 and Moodle

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a quick question about setting up partitions on a new Suse server that will be running Moodle. I am an inexperienced Linux user as you can probably tell from ths question. Here were the instructions from the Moodle site regarding partitioning:

    1. The operating system and swap drive on one set of disks configured as RAID-1.
    2. Moodle, Web server and Database server on another set of disks configured as RAID-5.

    If I have 2 sets of RAID 1 disks, how do I setup the partitioning for this?
    I installed Opensuse 11 and it puts the webserver /srv/www and Mysql files are locate in /var and /usr.
    Would I just add partitions for /usr /var and /srv /home on to the second set of disks while keeping boot ,/, and swap on the first set? And what about /opt /tmp and /local, if you don't specify will they just be put in the first disk? How big ideally should each of these partitions be so that I don't run out of space? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    Default Re: Partition scheme for Suse 11 and Moodle

    Any directory that doesn't have a partition specifically assigned to it will live in the same partition as its parent directory. So /opt, /local, will default to in the same partition as /.

    I don't feel it's necessary to chop up things that finely and give a partition to /opt, /local, etc.

    You might consider giving /var its own partition.

    /srv could be in its partition, but again, the code for moodle doesn't grow very much in size over time, so I would let it default to being in / if I were you. However the moodle data directory could be put in /var, along with the MySQL data, which would grow with time.

    Unless you are allowing users to keep lots of files in /home, I don't see the need for a partition for /home either (it's a moodle server, no?)

    So something like this for partitioning should work for a data server, which is what you are building.


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    Default Re: Partition scheme for Suse 11 and Moodle

    Thanks very much for the helpful information. Your solution makes alot of sense to keep it simple. I will leave / and swap on the first disk and mount var on the second disk.


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