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Thread: VMWARE problem with headers

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    sdmorri NNTP User

    Default VMWARE problem with headers

    I am getting the following message while trying to install VMWARE workstation on SUSE 11
    Kernel Headers for version were not found. I looked for file named and I find it under /lib/modules/ I then click on install and get following message
    C header files matching your running kernel were not found.

    Uname -a
    Linux linux-gi4s #1 SMP 2008-10-21 16;30:26 +0200 X86_64 X86_64 X86_64 GNU/Linux

    Not sure what I should do next to make this work
    Thanks in advance

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    sdmorri NNTP User

    Default Re: VMWARE problem with headers

    I found an update to the kernel headers in Yast an it seemed to fix problem

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