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Thread: Problem assigning "eject" shortcut on imac g3 (xfce desktop)

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    Default Problem assigning "eject" shortcut on imac g3 (xfce desktop)

    Hi, my dad recently came across an old imac g3 (not keyboard or mouse included) and asked me to sort of rehabilitate it for him. I've always been into linux, so I thought the best way to make it useful again would be to install an xfce distro on it. Never used opensuse before, but I saw that it still supports ppc hardware.

    My problem is that old imacs to my knowledge don't have a physical eject button and I don't have a mac keyboard. I need to assign a button combination to physically eject discs. I'm confused as to how I should do this. I found the shortcut menu but I don't know how to assign a button to do what I need to do.

    And help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Problem assigning "eject" shortcut on imac g3 (xfce desk

    Bump. Please guys I need to figure this out, I know it seems stupid.

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    Default Re: Problem assigning "eject" shortcut on imac g3 (xfce desk

    First, you started a project without knowing if it could work. You assumed it would, trusting on your linux experiences. That's good. But you have to realize that not many of us have the opportunity to investigate your problem from their own situation.

    Second, you're trying to integrate hardware from a time Apple did not do anything to make that possible. So problems are likely.

    Third: it can work. Pick an Apple keyboard from Marktplaats or spend around € 50 on one of these new beauties. They do work great on linux, the eject key normally works. Probleem opgelost !!!

    Fourth: open a terminal and issue the command 'eject'. This works on all linux systems i know. If it does, you can create a shortcut to the command on the desktop. Can be done like this:
    Open editor of your choice, new file, and paste this in the new file:
    [Desktop Entry]
    GenericName[nl]=Laatje open doen
    Name[nl]=CD of DVD Uitspugen

    The save the file as ~/Desktop/Laatje-open.desktop

    Should do what you want. Veel plezier
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