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Thread: Kde 4.2 panel is suddenly missing

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    Angry Kde 4.2 panel is suddenly missing

    I'm using KDE 4.2 which comes with OpenSUSE 11.1. After a restart last night, the panel suddenly disappeared! The clocks, clipboard, application launcher are suddenly flipped to the topside of the screen and seem to float on an invisible panel.

    I can't flip the panel back to the bottom of the screen.

    Has anyone experienced the same problem? Does anyone know how to restore the panel and its content to the bottom of the screen? I did not change any personal configuration. I'm puzzled that this version of KDE can be as unstable as MS windows.

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    Default Re: Kde 4.2 panel is suddenly missing

    KDE 4.2 does not come with openSUSE 11.1 unless you download the respin version. Could you please post a screenshot of this and also open a terminal and give the output of

    zypper lr
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