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Thread: Dual Monitor Mode in Gnome (OpenSuse 11.1)

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    Default Dual Monitor Mode in Gnome (OpenSuse 11.1)


    i got a Dell Inspiron mini 9 which is delivered with Ubuntu. Intel GMA 940/945 graphics adapter.

    Now i tried to run OpenSuse 11.1 on it with Gnome desktop.

    But there are problems within the screen settings for dual monitor mode.

    In yast i made the input for the 2 displays (internal display and the external Samsung Synchmaster). I installed the information data from cd of the samsung and set the settings in dual monitor mode(not clone mode) to use both monitors.

    Since then everything sounds fine.

    But when i use to make the settings in the Gnome "screen settings"(not yast), select "no clone" position both monitors and click ok, nothing happens.

    What can i do.

    i should be pleased receiving any help.

    thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Dual Monitor Mode in Gnome (OpenSuse 11.1)


    no ideas?

    thanks in advance


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