I tried to search the internet to find out the documentation for setting up rsh on my opensuse 11.1 but was unable to find one. So i 'm posting this to help others. I know it is preferrable to use ssh instead of rsh but oracle requires use of rsh. So please dont get back to me saying "use ssh".

Note to moderator: I tried to add this to "how to" section but in vain due to "no permissions error". So please do move this to appropriate section if required.

Scenario: I have 2 systems: sunny1 and sunny2. I have to rsh from sunny1 to sunny2 and vice versa

First we are gonna setup rsh to access sunny2 from sunny1

Disable firewall on both sunny1 and sunny2
Install rsh and rsh-server on both sunny1 and sunny2

on sunny2:
zypper search rsh
check if rsh and rsh-server are installed. if not install them.
gedit /etc/hosts.equiv
add the line below:
sunny1 oracle

The above line means allow user "oracle" from sunny1.
you could also add sunny1.mydomain.com . I have not yet tried using ipaddress. So its up to you.

chmod 600 /etc/hosts.equiv

gedit /etc/securetty
add the lines below:

chkconfig rsh on
chkconfig rlogin on
chkconfig xinetd on
rcxinetd stop
rcxinetd start

create a new blank document named "abcd" on /home

on sunny1:

rsh sunny2 ls -l /home

Now you should be able to see file "abcd" with all other files in /home

Setup rsh to access sunny1 from sunny2 the same way.

Possible issues:
Check the hostnames on both the systems. check /var/log/messages for correct hostnames or network settings -> hostname/DNS tab

disable firewall

hostname issues: make sure you are able to ping the exact hostname entered in /etc/hosts.equiv

and as usual check /var/log/messages for any info.

Good luck.