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Thread: Embedded Binary Viewer (khexedit2part) not showing (???)

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    Default Embedded Binary Viewer (khexedit2part) not showing (???)

    hello - wiped Win XP & installed 11.1 few days ago; ever since updates, getting constant mime type errors and can't read .pdf's which I need for work (this is not funny!) Found 8-step fix that sounds promising AND I can actually follow- on:

    Octet-stream [now Solved] - openSUSE Forums

    BUT it requires me to: "Under 'Services Preference Order' click 'Add...' and select 'Embedded Binary Viewer (khexedit2part)'.", and there is no such entry in the list. Can anyone tell me how to get the Embedded Binary Viewer (khexedit2part) to come up in the Services Preference Order box?

    I would be so grateful. I'm getting pretty weary of all these constant silly problems!!

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    Default Re: Embedded Binary Viewer (khexedit2part) not showing (???)

    in KDE 4.x
    configure desktop>advanced tab>file associations>

    search for .pdf,
    choose the mime-type

    then open the embedding tab, click add
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