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Thread: Trouble with installation

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    nicholasbardy NNTP User

    Default Trouble with installation

    I am installing linux on my other computer this one being vista. The other being an XP. I am trying to clear the hard drive and install linux. (First time installing linux.)

    I downloaded the openSUSE KDE LiveCD burned the image to a disk. then rebooted my system booting with the disk drive. A green OpenSuse Screen comes the options

    openSUSE Live(KDE)
    Failsafe settings
    Check installation Media
    Boot from Hard Disk
    Memory Test

    I chose the openSUSE Live option.

    I get a message "Loading Linux Kernel". When that completes a Black screen with lots of white words telling me what it was doing.

    Once that finishes it displays
    Welcome to openSUSE 11.1-kernel

    linux login:

    If a input root as the login it says
    "Have a lot of fun..."

    if i press enter


    What am I doing wrong? Where is the easy GUI installation.

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    Default Re: Trouble with installation

    Something tells me you have either an ATI graphics card, an Nvidia graphics card, or a small amount of RAM. Which graphics card are you using and how much RAM does the machine have?

    To attempt to start the GUI type

    Good Luck,

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    nicholasbardy NNTP User

    Default Re: Trouble with installation

    512 MB of ram

    Graphics card is:
    intel(R) 82865G

    Ive had lots of trouble with my graphics card in the past. So that may be the problem. Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Trouble with installation

    Try the vesa option (from F3 I think) at boot menu
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