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Thread: Grub busted

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    Angry Grub busted

    Unfortunately, the Grub screen for openSUSE 11.1 lists openSUSE, openSUSE recovery, and then 'windows 1, windows 2, windows 3'. Windows 3 fails to boot. Windows 2 opens a windows boot screen giving you several choices of what windows to boot, and Windows 1 starts Windows Recovery. Stopping Windows Recovery causes Windows XP to boot normally, but squashes Grub. The openSUSE repair system finds the linux partitions (after quite a while), and identifies problems with Grub, but then gives rather arcane choices. Just going with the defaults seems to work, until you try to reboot the system. Then NOTHING will boot, not linux, not windows, until one does a full install of openSUSE. It would be nice if this were documented and the correct choice ('windows 2') had a more meaningful description on the boot screen.

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    Thanks guys!

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