My name's Guillaume, former french - so excuse my English - , I am not a new Linux user, however i just started to use opensuse and it sounds great.
I used Debian for years and decided to just give a try to something different.

My question is about packages management.
I understand you can use zypper (that i prefer - i'll compare it to debian apt) or yast (the graphical - i'll compare it to the ubuntu graphical stuff.).

Recently i wanted to use banshee to put my media collection and it bugged. It appears there is a bug on banshee 1.4.1.
So i added the banshee repo (with yast). Then zypper refresh and the zypper up banshee-1.
And everything it said nothing to update.
Then i started the yast graphical software manager and i can see many update available...

I really don't understand ???? i know there something about upgrading patch or package (i red the doc) but i'm a bit lost in there....
Can u giv me some help please???