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Thread: cluster of pc's with suse 11

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    Question cluster of pc's with suse 11


    For technical purposes in my job, i need to mount a cluster of various pc's to work in parallel.
    Anyone have an idea?

    I want to use suse 11, because i know the system and i already have 4 servers with suse 11, but i don't have idea to use any software to put in cluster pc's neither to use programs in parallel.

    In fact, the reason to mount that is recycle old pc's in a cluster and have a master with vmware and use the parallel tech to improve performance in the vmware.


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    Default Re: cluster of pc's with suse 11

    Clustering is a very complex and deep topic. First of all, you have to decide on the type of cluster you want to build - for high performance computing (HPC) etc. You can even build clusters for serving TCP/IP or UDP based services in parallel (LVS - Linux Virtual Servers) with load balancing.
    These are some pointers:
    The Linux Virtual Server Project - Linux Server Cluster for Load Balancing
    The Linux Clustering Information Center
    Linux Cluster HOWTO The Beowulf Cluster Site
    I have a cluster of 40+ machines and for that, I use a modified version of LVS. (Modification was done to handle the secured connections in a different way).

    But, I am not sure whether you can use clustering to improve the performance of VMware. There is no clustering solution that can build a big monolithic machine out of smaller machines.
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    Default Re: cluster of pc's with suse 11

    tnx for your answer

    i will read that papers.

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    Default Re: cluster of pc's with suse 11

    Quote Originally Posted by suzdal
    tnx for your answer

    i will read that papers.
    I ran a small cluster of 4 machines awhile back using pvm to process
    seti based aroud oscar.

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