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Thread: Opensuse 11.1 KDE Crashed network?

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    Default Opensuse 11.1 KDE Crashed network?

    Ou network was running fine until my step dad used my opensuse 11.0 64 bit gnome live cd to install it on a pc i built for him while i installed off of the 11.1 64 bit kde live cd(twin machines)... and then all of a sudden, both routers (the one were wired into pulls wireless from the main one in the back room) got messed up, as well as internet settings on the 2 pcs(even the windows installations on separate drives in the machines had to have their network configurations redone). We use belkin wireless routers weve had for about 6 years... the thing is, that ive installed opensuse 11.0 off the cd he used probably 30 different times on this machine in the last year testing things out, so i know that that version wasnt the problem. just wanted to give KDE a try and figured id go with 11.1. I LOVED the look... and the net worked for a while on it, then said it couldn update the list of repositories after i added the ones i wanted saying it couldnt import the license keys for any of them, then timed out, and killed internet for everyone else in the house. my step dad thinks it has something to do with the routers not supporting IPv6. But now he's completely given up on openSUSE and is going back to centOS to try to get his egate software to run(doesnt run quite right on it). Can anyone explain what happened? ...I really liked 11.1 with that new kde until it did all that. IF thats what did it.

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    Are you using DHCP to assign IP addresses? An IP address conflict with the router would kill the internet connection for the whole network. The only time I've had anything like that happen was when another device had been manually assigned the same IP address as the router. This shouldn't happen with DHCP, however.

    If it were an issue with IPv6, you could just disable that option in your network settings.

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