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    I am trying to install 11.1 from a live CD onto a Panasonic Toughbook CF 28 that I use for work. I know its an old machine but its the only thing that can stand the environment I'm working in.

    It starts to boot from the CD as normal right up to the point where the actual desktop should appear. Then the screen just fills with lots of multicolor lines and strange patterns like there is some kind of major Graphics incompatibility. This is not a very powerful machine only a P3 with 512MB RAM. Is it a case that 11.1 is too heavy for this machine or at leased the Graphics card ?
    It runs XP ok , my theory is that any machine that can run widows must be pretty powerful.

    Any suggestions ,


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    Can you first install it in text mode and you can always try out the graphics mode later?
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    If it's an Intel integrated chip, the problem lies with the new Intel driver that shipped with 11.1 - same for nVidia as the nv driver doesn't work properly with all systems.

    11.0 still had the old i810 driver as default as I recall - you could try that or install in text only mode.

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    Thanks , I'll have a go with 11.0 and see what happens.

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