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Thread: SARG is going 'ARG!' (not really, but I am)

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    Default SARG is going 'ARG!' (not really, but I am)

    Okay linux guru's I have an issue that even google couldn't search for a remedy.
    First off, I'm running an older twin 450Mhz proxy/gateway server with 1GB RAM, and openSUSE 11.1.
    I have installed the older version of squid in a transparent configuration, and wanted to use SARG to generate useage info on several users on my network. However, under preliminary tests, SARG exits with what I found to be fairly common..
    *** stack smashing detected ***: sarg terminated
    Segmentation fault
    I checked my syslog and found the line:
    Apr 30 18:57:18 cali kernel: sarg[18955]: segfault at 31323131 ip b7ff9886 sp bfa6d56c error 4 in[b7ff2000+d000]
    It used to work right out of the box in 10.2.
    I made sure I had the latest version from the opensuse repo, and I haven't changed any settings with SARG at all, nor have I messed with the squid.conf file in regards to the loggin options. About 98% of my server is right out of the box configuration, as it's role is simple, and needs very little adjustments.

    Any Ideas?


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    Default Re: SARG is going 'ARG!' (not really, but I am)

    Looks like a bug in sarg, triggered by some combination of config and data. I'd file a bug report if I were you.

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