Hi Everyone,

I recently installed XRDP as an alternative to vnc which is creating lots of issues (basically stops working after a day or so). XRDP is working now, I went through some bugs with it as well (Login incorrect/channel not found etc) with a small exception.

It is stuck in 800x600.

If I make my XP Remote desktop client connect at 1024x768, it will show me a login screen where it fits perfectly, then after a successful login I see the suse startup screen with the white progress bar in the middle as 640x480, with the bottom and right canvas as just unused black space. I use KDE3.5. If I log into twm or whatever it uses the full screen.

I looked into startwm.sh, and randr to try to resize but neither work. I cannot change display properties because through kdeskop because it says x server is using the randr extension... which doesnt have any configuration yet.

I am using
4.1-33.1 xrdp
7.3.99-7.1 xorg-x11-server-rdp/dmx

Any help is appreciated