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Thread: opensuse 11.1 gnome & vnc

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    Got a problem with vnc. It was nice for vnc to be there ready to turn on with a few clicks and then to also be able to set the firewall to allow incoming vnc requests in just a click or two. The problem comes when I'm trying to vnc to my linux box from one of my other boxes (all xp, 2000, or vista) and there has not been a vnc connection to the linux box since it was rebooted last. If I can't physically access the linux box and type in whatever a "keyring" authorization is, I can't vnc to the linux box. Unacceptable.

    How do I fix this?

    noob, don't speak linux

    do not send link to VNC HOWTO - openSUSE That page needs to die.

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    I have only 2 computers in my network and connection between them is via NxClient/Server (NoMachine NX - Desktop Virtualization and Remote Access Management Software) maybe is worth a try. I can help if you have problems.

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    Thanks but this is in a work environment and I don't want to just add another thing for the operators or myself to learn. We've been using VNC, VNC has been adequate for our uses, VNC should work WITHOUT hiccups, so...

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    Go to "Passwords and Encryption"
    Find nothing linking to VNC so just blindly change password to Enter (blank)
    Try to VNC to the linux box and see that it works
    Contemplate a return to drugs and alcohol

    To prevent the above:
    When in "Remote Desktop"
    When you click in "Require the user to enter this password"
    And you start entering a password in the empty box,
    A pop-up will appear for the keyring password.

    Make the keyring password Enter (blank) or verily you will regret it.

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