hello, everyone..
i keep it short....

i'm running 11.0, kde4.2..

when i open power management in system settings, i get this error:

"The configuration module cannot be started, since there seems to be a problem with PowerDevil Daemon. Read below for more details
Another power manager has been detected. PowerDevil will not start if other power managers are active. If you want to use PowerDevil as your primary power manager, please remove the existing one and restart PowerDevil service."

...although i'm running kde4.2, and although i've read that PowerDevil is supposedly built into 4.2, PowerDevil does not show as installed in YaST.
..when i try to install PowerDevil, YaST asks me to downgrade nearly everything kde to 4.1.3...

as of now, i dont really have full control over my power settings. i need control over my power settings; as having total control over my system is the reason i use opensuse..

can any of you geniuses help me out with my issue?!?
i thank you all in advance....
(and, as usual, i will continue to bump and bump until this issue is resolved)