Hallo!I managed to install successfully the Oracle 10g on OpenSUSE 11.1.

I have tried to configure the machine so that the Oracle listener and database start up when the computer boots by trying to open the /etc/oratab and trying to change the N at the end to a Y.

Unfortunately,the /etc/oratab does not exist in my system.But I have been able to open YaST and Go to /etc/sysconfig Editor > Productivity > Databases > Tools > Oracle > DB and change the following to yes:


Unluckily,when I type the following commands at the terminal,I get the response that they (the commands) do not exist

a. Start Oracle listener lsnrctl start
b. Start Enterprise manager services emctl start dbconsole
c. Start iSQL *Plus isqlplusctl start
d. Check if sqlplus is working:
sqlplus connect / as sysdba

How do I solve this problem?