Long time reader, first time poster. I am new to SuSE so be gentle. My problem began with the idea of replacing a NCD X terminal, thin-client, with a SuSE 10 Linux box. The NCD terminal was used only for I/O which used a touch screen for display and I/O, this was connected to a ibm rs6000 aix 4.3.2 via a transciever to the onboard 25pin ethernet port. I thought this would be straightforward after reading several items on setting this up, but I must be missing something. I installed and configured the SuSE 10 as a X server,and I am not using a touch screen as this time as I wanted to get the display portion out of the way. After making the SuSE 10 listen to port 6000, and performing 'xhost +', connections were made between the aix and SuSE boxes. The gui program to display on the SuSE box resides and is started on the aix box. The comm ports are established on port6000 and a new window is opened up on the SuSE box by root, but the display is minimized and not on the forefront. When I maximize the new window the entire screen is black and displays nothing. When I stop the gui program on the aix box, the window opened by root on the SuSE box goes away. I maybe out in left field, but I am confident that the setup is correct or I don't think I would see as much happen as I do. I have looked into font problems but see none. Maybe I have not designated the display of the SuSE box correctly. This has not turned out to be so straight forward as once thought. I even tried installing the openssh package on the aix, but as stated earlier it is 4.3.2 and do not plan on upgrading. Does anyone have any input on the subject of replacing a NCD thin-client with a SuSE 10 box? Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.