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Thread: digikam and viewing photo's????

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    Default digikam and viewing photo's????

    Hello fellow lizards

    Im using Opensuse 11.1 kde 4.2.2
    Its not very often i upload photo's from a digital camera, i usually do it from my mobile phone with no problems, but i want to upload a few pics from my kodak c743 digital camera.

    when i first plugged it in, digikam loaded by default and launched, but it didn't show any pics from my camera. I configured digikam with my camera model and tried again, but still no luck.

    next thing i tried was configuring digikam to just detect usb mass storage devices and still no luck.

    then i thought maybe there is a usb settings section in my digital camera menu that will allow me to change some settings, but there wasn't no such menu.......

    question is.....
    how can I view my photo's and save them??? it don't matter what application whether its digikam or something else.... i just want to view my photos......

    can anybody help me?


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    Default Re: digikam and viewing photo's????

    hmmmm. i tried the kde 3xxx version of digikam and i can successfully access my pictures now. weird, i wonder if the kde 4xx version of digikam is buggy?
    im trying to reinstall the kde4xx version of digikam but it keeps crashing now... arghhh.

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