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    New to Linux, have a rather embarrassing question -- after I installed a program and Yast shows it as installed, how can I run it? I did not find it in the general software section where GNOME keeps all the installed programs I have. It means either it is not there, or I cannot find/recognise it. Thus, knowing that the program is installed is there any way to run it without using Yast?

    (I operate Suse11.1 GNOME, installed power alert for my UPS provided directly by TrippLite website for Suse. Just don't know how to find it and run...)

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    Run it from the command line, some packages don't include .desktop files.

    I believe you can make one on the desktop and copy it over. Exactly where I'm not sure sorry but do remember there was a post recently about it.

    If unsure what will start it, look in yast at files it'll be in a bin folder think /usr/bin though will depend on app.

    So if yast shows /usr/bin/newapp
    type newapp
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    i've also noticed instances where the newapp won't populate the applications list until you reboot(at least in kde)i don't know if this helps you at all but its worth a try

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