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Thread: The language filter = oversensitive

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    Default The language filter = oversensitive

    One thing I have noticed that I hope can be fixed is the language filter, it seems way too sensitive.
    Far ther becomes ****her, so in each case in order to type common words such as Far Ther I have to separate the word in two to trick the language filter.
    I mean looking at some peoples posts it looks like we all a bunch of foul mouthed.
    I know the word F A R T is a sensitive word but when its actually apart of the word Far Ther its a bit rough.

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    DSL (as in the distro) caught me out as well. It's all very well calling it DSL to someone who uses linux, but it's awkward trying to tell someone who's never heard of it that you think it would be useful to them, but refuse to tell them what it's called.

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    Default Re: The language filter = oversensitive

    Tweaked. Before now you could assault me but you couldn't have taken it
    any farther.

    Kim (4/21/2009 5:53:40 PM Mountain)

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