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    How are these type packages installed? When I d/l it, I get arch opens it, and wants me to extract it. I am quite clueless from this point.

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    What do you need to try to compile from source for? No offense but if you have to ask about it, it's probably not the best idea. All of these applications on the site can be found in the Mozilla repository Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE.

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    Indeed, you should not need to compile or anything as there is a repository for newer versions of Mozilla stuff (even one for betas)

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    .bin files are binary files
    that is, they are executables.

    tar.bz2 and such files are source files compressed.
    after extracting you will have to do a (most of the time)
    $ ./configure
    $ make
    $ make install

    if there are no problems with dependencies or missing libraries all will be fine.
    otherwise its a pain to get to work
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