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    My system is running on opneSUSE 11.1 using English (US) language as a primary, and Russian as additional. My problem is that gnome spell checker indicate each russian word as wrong one in every gnome application.

    are installed.

    What i have to configure or install?

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    Not really sure what you're saying...

    You can't switch between dictionaries or you want it to check 2 languages at the same time?

    If the latter not sure you can, though perhaps a specific app maybe able to. I would thought it would be highly unlikely to be able to use 2 for the system default though.


    app example think
    Google search
    Man first, have a try at Info, have a look at Wiki, if all that fails Scroogle!!!!!
    If I've helped click on the Rep button I don't know what it does but it sounds cool.

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