Today I upgraded Gnome 2.24 to 2.26 on opensuse 11.1 and for once in my life I now have a decent working gnome system. I logged in, got my sound (which didn't work at all with the stock version from the suse dvd) and compiz was automatically activated. I was able to configure it further with the compiz desktop manager tool to my taste and I loved it. So far, so good.

But I also use KDE 4.2 on this pc but with KWin as compositing window manager, not compiz. So I logged out from gnome and started KDE 4.2. Disaster.

Compiz works fine but all of a sudden, and it can happen at any time at any action it stops working, transparant windows become black, I loose my titlebar, keyboard stops working and the compositing window manager reverts to a 2D system.

No such issues seen yet in gnome 2.26 though. It's only in KDE.

The problem is that I was happy with KWin before but now each time I start KDE it loads compiz and I can't turn it off and go back to KWin.

Also the fusion-icon is not working for this reason :

* Error: the "FusionIcon" module is missing. If you did not install fusion-icon to /usr, you may need to add the appropriate site-packages directory to your PYTHONPATH

The file is located here : /usr/bin/fusion-icon /usr/bin/X11/fusion-icon

I don't know what this means or how I can fix it. I know that this systray tool allows me to select a windowmanager as well as a theme because the theme it now uses in gnome is one without to top right buttons on the title bar to close, maximize and minimize. I see the mouse popup telling me what it is, I can click on it, it'll work, but there is just no button visible. It's very hard to minimize a window or close it. I always have to go via the taskbar..

So my question, how do I get fusion-icon to work and the most important question, how can I prevent compiz to load when I start KDE so it only runs in gnome ?
There is no shortcut in the KDE autostart folder and in the Autostart settings from KDE4 ??