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Thread: Choosing application for counseling outcome data

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    Default Choosing application for counseling outcome data

    I'm tracking my counseling clients outcomes using the Outcome Rating Scale. I'd like to be able to generate summary reports on a variety of grouping schemes. For example, gender, diagnosis, age, referral source. What would be the best application for this?

    Way back in time I used Alpha 4. It was a relational database application that died out in the early to mid 90's. It was the only database application I've ever been able to wrap my mind around and I think it could have handled this. Is there anything like that out there now?

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    Andy Sipowicz NNTP User

    Default Re: Choosing application for counseling outcome data

    hmmm...i used Alpha 4 also some, under DOS 5 i think...if you still
    have a shareware disk i'd guess you could coax it to run in FreeDOS
    (or even M$DOS 6.0 or so) in a VM..

    boy, what a lot of trouble!! have you looked at OpenOffice Base or
    Koffice Database and their help? (iow: no, i do not know of anything
    as simple and straightforward as Alpha 4 for linux, but i bet there is

    Andy Sipowicz

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    Default Re: Choosing application for counseling outcome data

    You have two broad options - to use a spreadsheet or a database for the analysis. You can import CSV files into any spreadsheet and into mysql though the latter may need the CSV file fine-tuning before you import it.

    You can then use the grouping options either in the spreadsheet or in the database. My preference would be to learn enough SQL to create stored procedures so that, when you had worked out exactly what you wanted, you could repeat the analysis with a single command on subsequent data sets.

    You can also do this in a spreadsheet but it is more fiddly unless the data sets are identical size every time. On the other hand getting the CSV data into mysql is more fiddly than getting it into a spreadsheet.

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