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Thread: Nautilus and Desktop not working

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    Default Nautilus and Desktop not working

    As of right now, when I reboot and login, my desktop has no icons and isn't showing my background. Also Nautilus is not working, I get the following when I try to run it from the terminal.

    mike@linux-f8mk:~> nautilus
    Warning: program compiled against libxml 207 using older 206
    seahorse nautilus module initialized
    Initializing nautilus-share extension
    Initializing nautilus-open-terminal extension
    Nautilus-Share-Message: REFRESHING SHARES
    Nautilus-Share-Message: ------------------------------------------
    Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "net"
    Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "usershare"
    Nautilus-Share-Message: spawn arg "info"
    Nautilus-Share-Message: end of spawn args; SPAWNING
    Nautilus-Share-Message: returned from spawn: SUCCESS: 
    Nautilus-Share-Message: exit code 0
    Nautilus-Share-Message: caller wants GKeyFile
    Nautilus-Share-Message: success from calling net usershare and parsing its output
    Nautilus-Share-Message: ------------------------------------------
    Nautilus-Share-Message: unknown format for key 'share/usershare_acl' as it contains 'Everyone:R,'.  Assuming that the share is read-only
    (nautilus:4278): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_signal_emit_valist: assertion `signal_id > 0' failed
    nautilus: symbol lookup error: nautilus: undefined symbol: eel_preferences_add_auto_string_array_as_quarks
    This all seemed to happen when I upgraded, then reinstalled nautilus. Prior to the upgrade, my desktop was working, but when I clicked on an icon (didnt matter what it was) it would open my home folder in nautilus, then nautilus would crash.

    EDIT: Just remembered something. I was trying to install the Java JDK into the /usr/local folder. I messed up and unistalled, but it left folders in the local folder. After looking at all of the files and folders I was fairly confident that all were from java, so I emptied local... is that bad?
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