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Thread: anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

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    Default anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

    I am trying to learn to read japanese and would like to know if theres any decent easily installable translation program for japanese kana to english... or a easily installable program that allows you to type japanese characters.

    I already have a good grasp on hirigana and katatana, but that doesn't help when I run into a kanji sumbol!

    I tried searching for a decent program my self and came upon JWPce, which wouldn't install from the makefile... gave me "nothing to be done for /jwpce/makefile"

    anyways as this is a multinational forum I was wondering if someone knew of a good program for this?

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    cyberwulf NNTP User

    Cool Re: anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

    You may find it in the following links:

    Happy downloading

    MOJI - - moji: index
    A Japanese dictionary integrated to the Mozilla Firebird browser. Provides translations into English, French or German and includes a Kanji dictionary.
    KanaSensei - KanaSensei
    Small java applet that facilitates learning of Japanese.
    JquickTrans - JquickTrans: Dictionary . Translation . Study
    [Win] Software for learning Japanese and using it on their PCs.
    Kanji Trainer Penpen - C o o l e s t . c o m - Kanji Trainer Penpen - Japanese, Chinese study game
    [Win] A freeware Japanese kanji and/or Chinese hanzi study game, similar to Tetris.
    The Monash Nihongo ftp Archive -
    A list of lots of Japanese educational software - includes JWP, a freeware Japanese word processor.
    WaKan - Dictionary, Editor and Vocabulary - WaKan Project Website - About
    Freeware tool for Japanese and Chinese language learners for Windows. Includes character dictionary, word dictionary, editor with kanji conversion, printing (kanji cards, vocabulary, text with furigana), and vocabulary manager.
    jBrowse - Japanese Translation IE Plugin - jBrowse -- Free Japanese Dictionary Browser Plugin
    [Win] A free plugin for Internet Explorer that injects furigana (phonetic hints) and word definitions in English into Japanese web pages.
    Gakusoft - Gakusoft Maker of King Kanji and King Hanzi
    [Win]Maker of KingKanji, a shareware Japanese / Kanji flashcard program. - Learn Japanese (including hiragana, katakana, kanji)
    [Win] Software to help you learn Japanese, focusing on hiragana, katakana and kanji.
    gjiten - GJITEN Homepage
    [Unix] A Japanese dictionary for Linux/Gtk, including Japanese to English, English to Japanese and Kanji.
    LexiKAN - LexiKAN Japanese Kanji Flashcard Software
    Maker of flashcard software for learning to write and read Japanese Kanji and Kana.
    Kana Sensei - Kana Sensei
    [Win/MS-DOS] Japanese Language teaching software for beginners.
    Declan's Japanese Language Software - Declan Software - Japanese Language Learning Software
    [Win] Commercial software that teaches kanji, hiragana, and katakana. Also available are audio flashcards software and an English-Japanese dictionary.
    KanjiQuick - Free Japanese Kanji English (German) Dictionary Download - Translation Tool. Japanisch Deutsches Kanji Lexikon
    A kanji dictionary software for Windows giving including 6500 Japanese characters and 47.000 compounds. Supports handwriting and animated stroke order display.
    Kanji Gold - Kanji Gold HomePage: A Japanese kanji program.
    [Win] Japanese kanji program.
    Drill The Kanji - Drill and learn the Japanese kanji, learn Japanese
    An on-line Java flashcard program for studying and testing on kanji, including reading (on-yomi, kun-yomi) and meaning tests.

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    Default Re: anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

    Quote Originally Posted by cyberwulf View Post
    You may find it in the following links:
    Wow! very nice. This could form the basis of a good openSUSE wiki or how to.

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    Default Re: anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

    WOW! now that is allot of resources! it's gonna take me a while to look through all those!

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    godra2000 NNTP User

    Default Re: anyone know a japanese kanji translation program?

    Is there a software, where you could just write the kanji using a trackpad or mouse and it would translate it?

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