I had a very good running 10.3 Xen server system with four domUs: rbovm1..4.

After updating to 11.1 and rebooting the Xen-system I get allways the following error message for each of my existing domUs located at /xenvm/vmimages/rbovm1...4:

Starting auto Xen domains

rbovm1: Error: domUloader requires specification of bootargs

rbovm2... the same
rbovm3... the same
rbovm4... the same


I didnt change anything to the script files and forced Xen to look at /xenvm/vmimages... for the domains.

Whats going wrong. The domU OS is still openSuSE 10.3 for each domain and works as DNS, DHCP, FTP and Webserver very well until I did the update of dom0 to 11.1.

I have backups of my virtual machine files, so it wont be the problem to switch back to 10.3 for dom0. but I would like to run the system with 11.1.

Thanks for hints.