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Thread: More gnome issues....Gnome Panel

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    Andy Sipowicz NNTP User

    Default Re: More gnome issues....Gnome Panel

    > I refuse to believe no one can help....

    well, i refuse to believe you refuse to believe that no one else on
    earth (and reading this thread) has had exactly the same problem as
    you have had.

    have you yet researched to see if there is a bug on file addressing
    the problem you have...see:

    and, if there is not an open bug, have you yet filed one? see:

    if you have done neither then i guess you can expect to have exactly
    the SAME problem in 11.2 when it comes out (if we all assume, as you
    do, that 11.1 BROKE what was working in 11.0, and not that you did
    something else to your particular setup (that no one else on earth has
    done...nor can anyone guess what it might be..)

    Andy Sipowicz

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    Default Re: More gnome issues....Gnome Panel

    installed. updated. ran compiz said it wasnt supported. dled, compiled and installed invidia drivers. Enabled compiz. It worked, including wallpaper support. Updated again, restarted computer. Wallpaper is a no go. what have i done that could be so different from anyone else?

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    i have the same issue no gnome panel
    i load gconf-editor, don't know what i am supposed to change here,so i left it alone....
    i disabled beagle from control centre / sessions -no change

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    Default Re: More gnome issues....Gnome Panel

    You responded to an April thread - so you may want to refresh us with what YOUR exact problem is... There were many issues covered in this thread...
    Desk: AMD Phenom II X4 945 8GB RAM Radeon HD 3300 Arch Linux Xfce 4.8
    Lap: Intel 2.13GHz Core i3 M330 8GB RAM nVidia GeForce 310M Arch Linux KDE 4.7.3

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