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    Has anyone installed nedit ( OpenSUSe 11.0? I like this editor alot and think it is s shame that it no longer is s standard distribution with many Linux platforms.

    Read somewhere that some people had problems compiling the source from scratch due to dependencies on old version of some needed libraries. I hope the development team addresses this issue soon enough, before this great application is lost forever.

    At any event there seems to be some relatively updated binaries on the website (2005) and few other mirrors.

    Would like to hear what thoughts some of you guys might have here. I will try to install it myself and will post any problems/errors that might come up.

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    Has anyone installed nedit ( OpenSUSe 11.0?

    Nedit is available from OBS:editors.

    Then use the '1-Click Install'.

    The issue was that the editor was not UTF-8-compatible, I think. I don't know if that has been fixed. Anyway, I have it installed on my 11.1 openSUSE, 32-bit.

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