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    Hello to everybody.
    I have a strange problem,when i'm running Linux,or any Linux LIVD CD distro.
    I installed 2 days ago OpenSuse 11.1 ,and when i set the native resolution which is 1920 x 1200 ,the monitor start to blink every 30-40 seconds,for about half second it's getting black and then back to normal
    I tried Knoppix Live CD ,Mandriva 2008 Live CD ,Opensuse 11.1 Live CD ,but still the same.
    The monitor it's okay,in any Windows version that doesen't happent.
    Even if i run in Linux a smaller resolution than the native one,it's everythink okay.
    I have DVI-DVI cable.Could that be the problem? Shall i try with DVI-VGA ?
    I just changed the monitor 2 weeks ago,but when i used the 20" one ( now i have Samsung T240HD) there was never a problem with blinking.
    Please , if you have any idea ,help me.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: monitor blinking

    Nobody can help me ?I don't understand why,when i chane the cable and i put DVI (videocard) to VGA (monitor) everything it's ok.
    When i have DVI-DVI,my monitor blinks.I would like to leave the DVI-VGA cable,but everytime when i restart my PC,i have to auto adjust the image,cause the letters are not centered.
    You think that DVI-HDMI would help?Is there no chance to make it work with DVI-DVI?

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